Frame Secrets of the Kargatane

Frame Farewell from the Kargatane...

Yes, you read correctly - the Kargatane have left Vallaki, and returned to Darkon after many years of running this odd little bookshop. You can read a more lengthy announcement here.

There are still some scraps to be found in the ruins of the bookshop, however. Just below you can download some of the netbooks and adventures that were produced in the bookshop during our seven year stay.
Frame Netbooks

Download the Kargatane's Ravenloft netbooks! These are all zipped PDF files.

  • The Book of Souls
  • Crossroads of the Gothic Earth
  • The Forgotten Children
  • The Book of Sorrows
  • The Book of Secrets
  • The Book of Shadows
  • The Book of Sacrifices
  • Frame Adventures

    Download Ravenloft adventures written and/or compiled by the Kargatane! These are all zipped PDF files.

  • Children of the Night: Demons
  • Shadow of the Knife
  • We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this Ravenloft site so successful - including the Kargat at TSR and Wizards of the Coast, the ex-Kargatane members we've worked with, and the many Ravenloft fans who've downloaded and read our net creations over the years.

    Many thanks,

    The Kargatane
    Andrew Cermak, John W. Mangrum, Ryan Naylor, Chris Nichols, Stuart Turner and Andrew Wyatt.

    The Ravenloft Catalogue

    The Ravenloft Catalogue is still available for use, cataloguing the locations, NPCs, cities and monsters of Ravenloft.

    Other Ravenloft Sites

    Although this site has closed, other fansites for Ravenloft exist on the web:

  • The Fraternity of Shadows
  • Midway Haven
  • WotC Ravenloft Messageboard
  • Sword & Sorcery Studios
  • The Lonesome Road
  • Mordent Cartographic Society
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